“It went perfectly from start to finish. They showed up at exactly the time they said they would on March 17th. They prepared the workspace so that our carpet and flooring would not be dirtied or damaged. They worked for 6 1/2 hours straight without stopping to get the mechanicals installed. They explained everything before they left that day. The old boiler and water tank could not be removed from the premises because there was too much snow. They left the old mechanicals and said when the snow melted they could come back and remove them. I called April 7th when the weather was better and they came the same day. The first crew couldn’t handle the equipment because it was so cumbersome and heavy. They left and came back with a second crew the same day. Removed the equipment and it wasn’t easy — up a long flight of stairs. Unbelievable service for a really difficult job.
If you need plumbing services these are the people to call. From the women on the phone who schedule to the technicians — everyone is friendly, reliable and hard working. The best customer service in the Poconos.”

“I have dealt with F/J Hess for approximately 25 years on various projects. They always arrive on time; provide estimate before starting work and complete job as stated. Technicians are very professional. F/J Hess follows up after the job is completed. I wouldn’t call anyone else.”

“I had been having trouble with my on demand water heater. I was getting intermittent hot water. Also, if more than one faucet was asking for hot water, the unit would shut down. I called the plumber who supposedly changed the ignition piece to cone and look at it. I had it replace months earlier, I gave up on him because he seemed to have disappeared. I called F/J Hess. The Ladies in the office were very nice. The tech came as soon as possible and he cleaned the ignition part quickly and was very professional. The price was reasonable. Unlike my previous plumber who worked at HIS convenience and contacted me whenever HE had the time, F/J Hess worked on MY time and made me feel that I was a valued customer. I plan on using this company in the future. They are dependable, reliable and fairly priced.”

“They respond 24 hours a day. They are clean courteous, and knowledgeable.”